A really great short set in the far future looking at the history of the Rosetta mission, some of which is yet to pass. I’ve really enjoyed the marketing behind the whole mission thus far and this is a nice top off to what will hopefully be a very fruitful final phase!

Antares rocket

Unfortunately the rocket failure being reported today is bad news for the earth observation community, as it was carrying many micro satellites designed for rapid temporal coverage of the globe.

Planet labs statement on the failure sums it up nicely I think,

Science Communication

I was very pleased to see a Kingston academic from my faculty, Mark Fielder, do a reddit AMA about his research in disease control and medical microbiology. His answers within the thread were succinct and very intelligible which is something I’m hoping to work on myself! Have a read, you might learn something about the subject, I know I did,


Test post

Hello world!

In this blog I hope to keep you all updated on the world of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry within which I find myself. For now I’m still settling in to my new role as a PhD student at Kingston University, but I look forward to contributing positively to the research community in the future,


A picture of strawberries

A picture of strawberries