Flight riot/Conservation drones

Flight riot’s website is a good compilation of much of the activity surrounding UAV photogrammetry, and brings together many of the central themes surrounding what I’m interested in. Tutorials on things like the Canon Hack Development Kit (here) and discussion on Optimal Orientations for image capture (here)  are pretty impressive as it’s linking sections of different communities and collating the (somewhat) technical information into one place, which is an exciting prospect. Further tutorials into actually structure-from-motion photogrammetry including workflows using both VisualSfM and Meshlab make this site a great resource for the budding photogrammetrist. I think I’ll be contributing to this community at some stage in the near future, and will be keeping a keen eye on their activities.

They also have an association with conservation drones, a group I’m also quite interested in who are using low-cost drones to do biodiversity surveys in tropical regions.Having briefly spoken to them about their work and future plans, I’m quite excited about the potential for cheap and cheerful drones to contribute positively to proper land management and surveying in developing countries.

Check out their websites!



Language maps of Dublin

Inspired by some maps of second languages in London, I decided to produce some second language maps of Dublin based on data from the 2011 census. When I get the chance I think I’ll collate them into one map, but this is all for now! Be aware the scale changes between maps so they can’t be directly compared.


French Lithuanian Polish SecondIrish