Dynamic range

I’ve been reading a lot about dynamic range recently and have decided to share some of the interesting things I’ve come across.

Firstly, I came across a thread from 2012 on the photo forum discussing the performance of the Nikon 800D when it comes to shadow recovery. This goes to show the power of large dynamic ranges on imaging sensors and the importance of correct post-processing –

Before we see large shaded areas

No more with some tinkering!

(Credit to Philip Klinger for the images)

With this large a dynamic range on the sensor it would seem high dynamic range imaging (Bracketing) is not required in many scenes.

Secondly, I’ve returned to the DxOMARK chart for performance of consumer cameras in various categories as it’s very well presented, easy to navigate, and gives consumers a good idea of the capabilities of different cameras at a glance. Things to note are the fact that Canon (I own a Canon!) are significantly lagging behind Nikon in terms of performance of the higher end cameras. I’d love to generate an index to show suitability of each model for UAV use taking into account weight and price in the future, maybe a pet project to work on in my free time.

Lastly radiance mapping has piqued my curiosity as it has critical applications in climate modelling, amongst other things (Like graphics for computer games!). MATLAB have an interesting blog about some of the issues in combination of HDR images into a web viewer which included the mention of a radiance reconstruction process initially developed by debevec and malik. I’d be curious to see if a workable radiance measurement for each of the RGB channels in a consumer camera could be developed in the future, or whether a ‘rough and ready’ radiance estimate could be practically done using SfM. All the parameters that we need are solved for (minus the absolute radiance reconstruction), an exciting prospect.



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