Point clouds in the cloud!

After the previous post it struck me that it would be pretty cool for people to interact with the point cloud I generated as I’ve seen an example or two of it being done on the web in the past. After a quick search I came across Potree, which was pretty straight forward and easy to use. A bit (a lot) of messing about later and voila! A web point cloud was born. As mentioned before, not a masterpiece, but a nifty web app and interactivity is fun! I think the potential of having this easy a pipeline from video/photos to web models just shows how far the field has come. 3D models of rooms for rent being advertised as a use springs to mind, but that’s just because flathunting takes so much time in London 😉

You can check out the point cloud of the bag here

I’ll be hosting some other stuff at my web page here in the future



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