I’ve been playing around with an SfM/Photogrammetry package I’ve been meaning to look at for a while now, MICMAC, which is made by the French Forestry/Geography institute. After polishing off my French dictionary and looking at length through the English language forum (which is very active!) I’ve got it working decently, and am looking forward to running some more experiments. One thing that’s great about the package is the division of stages within the process, much like VSfM, such that the potential for a mixed workflow between the two seems like it would be a possibility. I think I’ll also do a tutorial for non-computery people on it’s use as a decent English walk-through doesn’t seem easy to come across, though there is a comprehensive documentation, and there’s no GUI (For windows, they exist for Mac and linux) which can be off-putting. For example, I’ve pulled out the camera positions (relative, no GCPs or anything) for a small experiment I was doing, and am planning on seeing if I can overlay the same from VSfM to see how similar the extrinsic parameters are.


For now, I’ve run through one of the preloaded workflows/example data sets they provide, and am pretty amazed at what they’ve generated using 200 .5 Megapixel images (I assume they’ve down-sampled a bit). The Ricoh GR 3 they used seems to be a nice piece of kit, I love the idea of pocket cameras over SLRs for aerial photogrammetry/photography as they’re light (200g!) so fitting more than one seems like an option.

Check out the results of the sample data set (A canopy height model beside a field) here!



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