ISS Photogrammetry

I saw Changchang Wu’s model of the Earth from footage taken from the ISS put through VisualSFM on youtube, so I thought I’d repeat the process using some newer footage (Taken with a Nikon D4) over Europe. The image squence (available here) starts somewhere in the English channel and follows the spacecraft all the way south to the red sea and Arabian peninsula.

The ground sample distance for a full frame sensor at 16 megapixels at a flight height of 400km with a 24mm lens is 120m in nadir. The field of view across the width of the sensor is about 600km.

I took every third frame to make up the photogrammetric model, with only 174 being aligned for the model itself. The point cloud produced is available for viewing here, and I hope to do more of these in the future aswell as georeference it! I’ve included a gif below of all the frames used as well as the viewshed from Photoscan.



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