Leaflet maps, beautiful!

I decided to try and make some sort of map to help visualize the goings on of the movement of refugees through Europe, but got distracted in the technical aspects of putting together a web map and appreciating the effort that some open source developers have gone through to make really beautiful tiles for openlayers-based maps.

As such, I’ve put together a chloropleth map showing where the 130,000 extra refugees Europe is being asked to accept would go based purely on GDP. In essence, it’s a map of EU countries GDPs but may give a bit of context as to the practicality of certain countries offering asylum. It’s got some basic javascript components (Roll over for info, with highlighting), I’ve disabled the zoom as it wasn’t very relevant considering how sparsely the dataset is populated.

You can see it in my webspace here, a printscreen is attached! Here‘s a second similar one, showing number of asylum applications per country as of December 2014.


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