Data visualisation

Haven’t posted in the last while, so thought I’d make a quick post about some of my favorite data visualizations I’ve come across lately. The more I read about these the more it makes me want to improve the own graphics I produce, so if you’re looking for inspiration look no further! In no particular order:

Markov Chains

Basic as the visuals are, it really gives a good feel for what finite state problems look like. Can modify with your own code too!

Markov Chains

Baye’s rule/Conditional probability

From the same blog. Bayesian stats can be a bit daunting. Let this visualization of balls dropping through a filter calm you down as you need. Interactive to boot!

Conditional Probabilty

Fourier analysis

Just beautiful graphics putting simply what so many hours of reading couldn’t. Probably my favorite in the list due to the depth it covers!

Fourier analysis


Not something I’m overly familiar with but have bookmarked because of how nice the graphics are to look at. Search is such a basic concept which is such a necessity to modern computing, I love the simplicity with which it’s presented.


Blend4web curiosity app

Some might call it gimmicky, but I think the ability to be able to scroll through the cameras while the robot moves is just such a cool feature.



I can’t believe this is freeware. It’s amongst the best tools on the internet for point cloud viewing and the design is brilliant!



From the DIY category – seaborn is a front end plotting library for making graphs in python. It produces some beautifully crafted graphics! I love the joint plots.

Seaborn joint plot


Actually a pretty standard library it seems, I can’t believe how long it took me to find. I’m preparing some interactive graphics for upcoming conferences and bokeh makes it so simple to do! I particularly like the Lorenz example!

Bokeh Lorenz

Stamen mapping skins

Some very attractive base layers for using in your mapping needs. I think I’ll have to give making a base layer a go at some stage, but for now I can appreciate the possibilities…


100,000 stars

Last on our list, one from the astronomers. An in browser interactive environment for exploring our stellar neighborhood!

100,000 stars





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