Photogrammetry from Bristol


From the docks

I visited a friend in Bristol this weekend and had a few hours on Sunday to explore the city a little bit. I decided to give making a photogammetric model of St. Peter’s church a go, seeing as it’s steeped in history and in a reasonably clutter free area for gathering photos. I unfortunately only brought  a 50mm EF-2 lense, which wasn’t ideal, but I decided to try anyway. In total I took 186 images, 164 of which were incorporated into the sparse cloud/bundle adjustment.



I unfortunately couldn’t get far enough away to get good  enough imagery from one side of the church, and dense vegetation towards the back meant photo-matching was quite poor there. Nonetheless, it was a fun exercise and one I look forward to repeating!

Location on OSM.

You can see the model here.