Sony a7

I was fortunate enough to track down a Sony a7 within my price range last weekend. I’ve written about it in a number of forms on this blog (UAV cameras, revisited, What camera for a UAV?), and have been trying to hunt one down for the last few months.

It arrived this afternoon, and I’ve had a little play with it just to try and get a feel for it’s operation. Coming from a comparatively stone age Canon 500d, the controls feel slick and the electronic viewfinder also feels very different, but good different. It came with the 28 – 70mm kit lens, which is good news as I think it might have been a pain to track one down separate from the body.

One huge upside I’ve already identified is how easily the photos are to upload via Wi-Fi to my computer. I didn’t think it’d matter much to me, but I can see it being quite useful in general, saves from scrambling for card readers and such.

The only downside I’ve identified so far is the punishingly short battery life. The electronic viewfinder is beautiful, and the real time leveling information is amazing, but it drains the battery like nobody’s business. I’ve already ordered a backup battery, and should look forward to taking more photos in less difficult conditions!

I thought I’d include a few sample images here, including one I took of a building site a few minutes from where I live. I really should have brought down a tripod, but the fact that it came out as clear as it did is remarkable to me.


A building site near my house


A different angle, lots of light from street


My first (and probably last) ever selfie, for a special occasion


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