Web development

A year ago I was very interested in web development, having done a couple of small we applications I wrote about on this blog before (Greyscaler, population querier). My understanding of web servers and requests in general were very sketchy, and I didn’t really understand how ORMs worked.

Fast forward one year as a full time developer and I think I’ve reached the same conclusion that many who come from academia do – development is the easy part! Doing good science is tough.

For those blog goers who might want to get into webapp development and don’t know where to start, I thought I’d (Post 1) chart the journey I took in order to break down some of those barriers to entry that may still exist for bidding academia converts. I’m then going to point towards projects (Post 2) which have influenced me greatly, and how I’m aiming to become part of the ones I use the most. Lastly, I’m going to look at new technologies (Part 3), and how I think my journey might have been different, if I had changed my attitude earlier.

Django Django


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